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Early Clothing Line It all started in the early 90s.. Would you believe that we started out as small vintage clothing vendor at the Santa Fe Springs Swap meet? It’s true. Way back in 1992, we were called The Vintage Spot. We would primarily sell vintage clothing and accessories with a small variety of our very own reproductions of men shirts. In 94’ we changed our name to Swankys Vintage and opened our first retail location in Norwalk California. Our passion and love for vintage inspired us to continue making custom styled clothing reminiscing of true original vintage. With the demand for our own reproductions outgrowing our original vintage, we did what any vintage enthusiast would do: Swankys Vintage implemented a ready-to-wear clothing line. In addition, we started filling in made-to-order requests. One-of-a-kind designs in formal 1940’s style swing clothing, evening cocktail and prom dresses, 1950’s pin-up clothing, to Rockabilly clothing worn by music icons and infamous Hollywood legends. Early Life Josh Burciaga gained a wealth of experience at the beginning of his career with his family up-bringing in clothing business and custom design. When he was very young his Father would teach him how to sell clothing made in the U.S.A. door to door, this gave him the right training to work directly with customers. During his many travels he found the best opportunity here in the west coast , California the mecca of Kool fashions. He quickly settled in Los Angeles where his passion for collecting vintage began. He took business administration, training and development courses at junior colleges. His mission has always been to strive for period correct accuracy, high style of clothing, and exceptional customer service with an honest approach. A message of creativity and simple act of kindness ‘ always ready to help’ At an early age, Lorein Burciaga developed an interest in fashion, making clothes for her dolls out of grass, flowers, paper, cotton swabs, or something random she’d find laying around the house. Her fascination for fashion led to two years of sewing during Home Economics in Middle School and 4 years of Fashion Design elective in High School, where she began repurposing vintage clothing. She continued her studies at FIDM, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in Los Angeles CA. With 30 years and counting, both Joshua and Lorein Burciaga have enjoyed their longevity as head designers and owners of Swankys Vintage. “We just focus on what matters: originality, quality, great prices, and great value which results in impeccable, glamorous, Swankys Vintage clothing.” Swankys Vintage Going on Strong The enduring spirit of vintage remains as bright as ever at Swankys Vintage, we continue to be inspired by creativity in new and exciting ways. When we reopened our clothing brand online in 2010, after closing our last retail location in Norwalk. Online sales and outdoor rockabilly festivals became the new way to shop. We continue strong online with our Swankys Vintage website, Ebay Store, Etsy Shop and retail at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender, Grand Nationals Roadster Show, Mooneyes Car Show, Ventura Nationals, and So-Cal based rockabilly culture music festivals. Swankys Vintage brand can also be found at Rockabilly specialty boutiques around the world.

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